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Belarusian card of BNB bank

If you need a map 💳 for travel, payment for foreign purchases or services - we suggest using the service of remote issuance of a card of the Belarusian bank BNB.

Officially, by proxy.

bnb bank cards

Belarusian debit cards of BNB bank - pay by card all over the world, as before!

🔹Remote registration of a foreign card of the Belarusian BNB Bank, without trips, without queues, by official power of attorney - legally!

🔹 One of the most popular Belarusian banks, with Georgian roots, a subsidiary of the Bank of Georgia - safe, reliable, without sanctions.

🔹The funds on the accounts are insured by the state (limit 40,000 USD).

What are you getting?

  1. BNB Bank is a subsidiary of the Bank of Georgia, which means there are no sanctions or restrictions. Today it is the most convenient and safest bank for issuing a foreign card for Russians.
  2. Full-fledged plastic cards of the international payment system VISA or Mastercard, working all over the world. Without Borders.
  3. Modern convenient banking application, support service in Russian.
  4. Additionally, virtual cards in the bank application.
  5. The Belarusian MTS SIM card, for entering the online bank and verifying transactions, works all over the world.
  6. Main accounts in dollars, euros and Belarusian rubles. Additional accounts in Georgian lari, British pounds, Polish zlotys. International account number for each currency for international SWIFT payments.
  7. The ability to pay with Apple pay and Samsung pay is again available.
  8. With premium Visa Infinite - access to a business lounge and travel insurance for 2.5 million $.
  9. Cash withdrawal from ATMs around the world.
  10. Currency deposits in the application up to 7% per annum.
  11.  The funds on the accounts are insured by the state (limit 40,000 USD).
  12. Support at all stages.

What is the cost of cards and how to apply?

  1. Стоимость: 35.000 руб. за обычную карту visa/mastercard и до 55.000 руб. за Premium Visa Infinite with business lounge access and 2.5 million $ travel insurance.
    ***the cost includes obtaining a Belarusian MTS SIM card, for entering the online bank and verifying transactions - it works all over the world.
  2. Decor: power of attorney and a copy of the passport of the Russian Federation. 100% legal: an account is opened in your name by proxy.

How to top up Belarusian cards?

Replenishment accounts via SWIFT or instant transfer from Russian MIR cards.

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